time away

by Tire Swing Co.

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Songs by Steven Oltean-Lepp
Recorded by Johnny West
Played and sung by SO-L and JW
with Jim Meloche (vocals on "Closet")


released January 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Tire Swing Co. Windsor, Ontario

Tire Swing Company is a folk based project led by singer/songwriter Steven Oltean-Lepp. Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, Tire Swing Co. delivers beautifully textured roots music anchored by singer Steven’s unmistakable baritone voice. Sharp lyrics and deep emotional maturity draw in the listener to a familiar world celebrating the comforts and fears of youth through young adulthood. ... more

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Track Name: Happy Valentine's Day
i was supposed to write you
a song that would tell you
how much i adore you
but the words aren't meant
to be written in pen
they're notes to be sung
happy valentine's day
a song about you
should be as pretty as you
but i failed you
for my voice could never be
as beautiful as thee
so a humble apology
and happy valentine's day

SO-L: vocals, electric guitars
JW: acoustic and electric guitars, wurlitzer, bass, drums, shaker
Track Name: I'd Name You Aubrey
you were born with relative ease
in the early hour of morning
hair dark as the night outside of your window
i didn't see you for hours later
when i did i took you from my sister
held you gently
pulled you close
and whispered
i'd name you aubrey
i may never know you the way they do
as iris, samantha, or sophia
but i'll love you always
as if aubrey was your name

SO-L: vocals
JW: vocals, piano, organ, casio SK-1, sub-bass
Track Name: Time Away
a girl
a pretty dress and hair all full of curls
a home
without goodbyes and mother cries alone
a love
a heart so big that it could overcome
to forgive and not be a victim
the fear
of letting someone in that you hold dear
the pain
of losing someone close to you again
and i
i'm not pretending that i understand
i've lost before but never felt his hand

SO-L: vocals, acoustic guitar
JW: vocals, acoustic and classical guitars, bass, djembe, ghost melodica
Track Name: Closet
one month
i'll spend it in your closet
and come out from time to time
you'll lure me out
with your blue eyes
whiskey and wine
and when you're done with me
you'll invite me to your bed
then i know that i'll accept
not without regret
'cause you'll ask me
what i'm doing here in the morning
and i'll just shake my head
i can't answer that
there are a few answers that you are looking for
and a few you are not
i should have just stayed locked in your closet
you should have left me there to rot
because you'll ask me
what i'm doing here in the morning
and i'll just shake my head
i can't answer that

SO-L: vocals, electric guitar
JW: vocals, electric guitars, bass, drums
Track Name: Red Dress
oh sweet red dress
do you have a problem with cigars?
if i put it out would you walk through that door
and sit down beside me?
i love your handbag
i love your pulled back hair
i love the tapping of your right foot
on the fake hardwood floor
i love the mystery of what's in your handbag
i love the delicate curve of your neck
i love the idea of you feeling music
from your body down to your toes
and i love you in this moment
more than you'll ever know

SO-L: vocals, electric guitar, whistling
JW: banjo, backwards lap steel, bass, harmonica